Clyde North Tuckers Road will be the second YMCA Early Learning Centre to use eWater, a cleaning system pioneered in Australia to reduce the number of chemicals in organisations.

Torquay was the first Victorian childcare centre and YMCA Victoria facility to start using eWater in 2017.

eWater is a more sustainable way of cleaning, with a significant decrease in the number of chemicals used throughout the centre.

How e-water works

The eWater system uses water and salt to produce two separate solutions that clean and sanitise safely and sustainably. The sanitising solution kills harmful microbes due to its super oxidized properties, which ensures it does not generate resistant strains of bacteria associated with anti-bacterial soaps. Successfully used in hospitals, eWater is also being adopted by other federal and state government organisations keen to cut down their use of potentially toxic packaged chemicals.

eWater Systems scored the top prize at the 2017 Premier’s Sustainability Awards, along with the Most Innovative Products and Services award. The Australian company is a registered benefit corporation that aims to create benefits for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Reducing our carbon footprint, one litre at a time
In 2016, eWater usage replaced seven million litres of chemicals and stopped around 10 million plastic containers from going to landfill, as well as reducing the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and transporting cleaning products, according to Sustainability Victoria, which manages the awards.

Adopting e-water is a move towards more sustainable practice in our Early Learning Centres and YMCA facilities. Sustainable measures like eWater create positive experiences for children around recycling and other initiatives like partnering with Zoos Victoria by using bubbles instead of rubber balloons practicing sustainability in our ELCs.

To learn more about eWater and our programs, book a tour via our website or by calling 03 8371 0500