YMCA Early Learning Centres are thrilled to support your child’s transition to school. At Clyde North Tuckers Road YMCA ELC and our other 12 Early Learning Centres, we understand that a factor contributing to your child’s transition confidence is kindergarten.

Kindergarten allows a deeper understanding of routine and structurd learning. Our kindergarten program also encourages curiosity through focusing on learning through play as the main priority each and every day.

Our kindergarten’s educational play consists of explorative discovery, trial and error, cause and consequence, natural influences, holistic approaches and intentional teachings. Your child will have their own manner of carrying out these activities and their own view of the world; we incorporate this into our Kindergarten days.

Our passionate Cranbourne North Kindergarten Teacher, Hayley, describes the learning approach as, “We don’t teach the children, we learn with them.”

Throughout our programs we aim to incorporate natural environments with invitations to further explore the interests of your child and provide them with fun opportunities to learn through play.

Our kindergarten program uses both the indoor and outdoor classrooms to encourage movement and independence. Each child has the opportunity to take risks, challenge and lead their days. Our focus on exploration, creativity and discovery will nurture their inquisitive minds.

Our qualified kindergarten teachers purpose throughout their day is to prepare your child for their academic education, support them to build the resilience and the adaptability your child will need for both their schooling journey and beyond!