Starting early learning and child care is an exciting time! Bit if you are new to early learning it’s completely normal to feel anxious about your child starting. They will be in a new environment, surrounded by new adults and children which will take some adjustment for you and them. But a little bit of preparation can go a long way during this period. Below are some tips for preparing for your child’s first day.

Prepare you child for their first day

Remind them about the exciting event and new adventure that they will have at the centre including making new friends and learning new things;
Make sure you pack everything you need the night before;
In the morning, talk to your child about what they will expect;
Try and keep your emotions in check, adjusting for the first day can be hard for parents but your child will require stability and assurance during this change;
Allow extra time in the morning to ensure you don’t rush.

What to bring
A hat – we recommend the legionnaire style hat which has a brim at the front and a flap at the back or a broad brimmed or bucket style hat (please refer to full SunSmart Policy on our website or onsite). Unfortunately caps are not suitable for outside play.
During colder months an extra jumper or coat and a warm hat.
A comfort item such as a soft toy or blanket if needed.
For young children – formula powder in a container can be brought to the centre. Parents are advised pre prepared bottles of formula are not accepted. Water and powder are to be separate until the time the bottle is needed.
Empty bottles for other milk (cow’s milk or soy milk). The service will provide cow’s milk.
A clearly labelled bag containing at least one full change of clothes. For those children who are toilet training several changes of clothing will need to be accessible. All personal items must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

What not to bring
Food and Drinks – food, lollies, chocolates or any drinks should not be brought into service unless specifically requested i.e. for celebration days as a part of the program or requested to be provided as part of our School Holiday Programs. All programs aim to nut and Nutella free. For further information please refer to our Food and Nutrition Policy.

Toys that are not comfort items. This includes electronic games, guns, dress-up items including jewellery etc. Toys will be removed and returned to the parent on departure. Removal, breakage or loss of toys can cause distress to the child, it is important to avoid bringing toys. All lost items are the responsibility of families.

Pets (unless pre-arranged with the Manager/Coordinator).

We care about ensuring your child has healthy and happy experiences and to make this exciting time as easy as possible for you and your family.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your child! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 03 8371 0500