Chandana - Kinder Teacher

Chandana - Kinder Teacher

We’re thrilled to have Chandana as part of our Early Learning Centre Team!

With 13 years’ experience in the early learning sector, Chandana will be the new centre’s Kinder Teacher.

“I absolutely love spending my day with children. I am passionate about supporting young people to have the best start in their life. Getting to know each child and instilling a sense of belonging and confidence is a heart-warming experience.” Chandana said.

Kinder is the next big step for children and it allows them to have a successful transition to primary school. Young people never cease to surprise Chandana, “Young children are learning new things all the time and at such a rapid pace!” Chandana takes great pride in guiding this fast-past development and supporting children to adapt and grow into respectful, intellectual and inquisitive little human beings.

“One of my favourite parts of being a Kinder Teacher is supporting the children to reach their individual goals. This includes providing meaningful experiences that foster children’s literacy, numeracy, science and problem-solving skills.”

Chandana is also excited to build a relationship with each one of her students, and ensure her kinder programs nurture the needs and interests of each child. Chandana also understands the importance of involving parents in their child’s learning and creating an inspiring environment.

“I believe in every child. And knowing that my skills and experiences will be complemented by an incredible purpose-built centre like Clyde North Tuckers Road ELC, is extremely motivating. I can’t wait to start and meet the families!”

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