Holidays are great, but your precious relaxing time can quickly become filled boring tasks which can end up feeling more draining than relaxing!

To help you transition from a stress-inducing life to relaxation mode faster we came up with 7 things to do to save you from spending your valuable holiday time on boring to-do-lists jobs!

1. Secure your child’s child care spot

Completing enrolment forms, immunisation records and securing the right days of care all takes time. Booking your child’s spot early and before the New Year frees up holiday time but allows you to relax knowing your child will be in caring hands next year! Bookings are now open for 2019 at YMCA Early Learning Centres. Check out our new Clyde North Tuckers Road YMCA Early Learning Centre to begin your child’s learning journey

2. Fill out a 2019 calendar!

By now you can know when school holidays will be in 2019 as well as other important dates like Public Holidays, Christmas and Ramadhan. Fill out your calendar with special days, birthdays, and anniversaries for the upcoming year, this will help in your future planning and get you planning for holidays next year!

3. Get easy meal menus ready

Do your children have favourite meals you cooked this year? Or ones the kids loved and requested over and over again? Create a menu plan book, filled with recipes your family enjoy and for quick and easy dinner preparation. It helps save on your grocery shopping bill by being prepared. This is also a great activity for kids to be involved in and picking their favourite recipes.
Check out these inspiring meal plans to get started!

4. Prepare children’s medical action plans

If your child has asthma or is an anaphylaxis they will need a medical action plan. To save the hassle during the New Year we recommend updating your child’s asthma and or anaphylaxis medication action plan so they are current for the New Year.

5. Shop now and save $$$

Although this sounds like a cheesy, did we really need that extra or new lunchbox? During the holidays and around Christmas time we end up spending money on unnecessary items which is why now is the time to decide what items were most useful or loved during the year and need replacing versus things that were bought unnecessarily.

6. Block out a week for chill time

Set aside a week just for relaxing! Holidays are for de-stressing and rejuvenating so plan activities for this week that you really enjoy and with people you like spending time with. Aim to have all tedious tasks done by this week!

7. Give your kids and yourself a holiday treat!

School holidays can be up to 6 weeks, which is a lot of time for children to spend at home or finding things to do!
YMCA School Holidays Programs are a great opportunity for primary aged children to discover new hobbies and interest and make new friends. The best part is you as a parent get to have time to yourself and get set for the New Year! Securing your child’s SHP spot now saves time during the holidays and guarantees their spot!