If you want to get out of the house with your toddler and you’ve already enjoyed all the outdoor activities in your area, where do you go?

Clyde North has plenty of child-friendly restaurants, cafes and bakeries where you don’t have to spend a fortune eating out with your family. With convenient locations all around the area and close-by to shopping centres, medical centres and parks, we made a list of places to visit with your child in the Clyde North community.

  1. Volt Café, Seranda Rise Shopping Centre

With plenty of room to move prams around inside and out and All-Day brekky options, Volt Café is child-friendly and a convenient location to meet up with friends. With a healthy and tasty kids menu featuring toasties and eggs and toast, as well as hearty brunch style mains like French toast and pancakes, there are plenty of food options to feed the little one. Gluten-free options are also available as well as some vegetarian options, visit Volt Café for an outing with the kids or to catch up for coffee with friends!

2. Ducky-on-Clyde, Shopping on Clyde

If your child is a fussy eater then this is the place for you!

At Ducky-on-Clyde the extensive make-your-own menu will easily accommodate your child’s eating habits. From focaccias to avocado on toast to quiches with gluten free and vegan options, the menu features many options to enjoy on your outing. Kids will love the tasty milkshakes, thick shakes or a bubbling spiders to choose from! For those with a pram or mother’s groups, feel at ease in the large seating area outside.

Ducky on Clyde is conveniently located near a medical centre and grocery shops; do your shopping, go to the Doctor and drop into Ducky-in-Clyde!

3. Delish Pizza & Pasta, Shopping on Clyde

By the time Friday comes around, no one feels like cooking for the family! Which is why Delish Pizza & Pasta is the best place to take your family on a Friday night. Pizza can be healthy at Delish Pizza and Pasta with heaps of vegetable and cheese varieties as well as gluten free options available on the menu. Suitable for the fussy and the adventurous eater. With gourmet pizza options also on the menu, Delish Pizza and Pasta may be the best spot to for your child to try new foods i.e. would you like anchovies with that?! Pizza is a good food option to expand children’s palette as your child can try the new food alongside foods they already like eating and are familiar with.

4. That Bakery, Shopping on Clyde

For those parents with early risers, That Bakery is your go-to! With pies, cakes, donuts and bread your child will love all of the baked goods to choose from. Drop by on your way home for an after-school treat or for a snack before swimming lessons at Clyde North Kingswim!

5. Suntop Bakery, Shopping on Clyde

Drop by Suntop Bakery and spoil your child with a fresh sausage roll or pie! Head outside with your baked goods and coffee and watch the local dogs in the dog-off-leash park right outside Selandra Rise Shopping Centre. Suntop Bakery is also a great spot to drop by a pickup food to enjoy on a picnic at one of the local Clyde parks.